Thinking Skills, Level I-IV

“Thinking Skills” programs have four levels, 1 to 4, are designed for middle school students to develop their thinking skills systematically. The comprehensive program consists of student textbook, teacher instruction manual, mind game (for level 1 and 2), and assessment test. “Thinking Skills” are extended continuation programs of the “Intellectual Development-IQ” primary programs.

Each level has had 60 hours of lessons.  “Intellectual development-IQ” programs support to discover the potent resources of intelligence in the pupils while “Thinking Skills” are focuses on teaching the pupils to have methods for the thinking accordingly. 

Imagine if IQ is the capacity of a car, then thinking is the driving ability of a car driver. It is almost similar to car drives to reach some places; IQ is the thinking skill to achieve the concrete output of mental or intellectual development of a man.

Textbooks' contents of the programs:

  • Thinking skills, Thinking methods and tools, Mindset course-CoRT, 6 hats method for thinking, creative, logic and lateral thinking  

  • Develop Your Mind and Level Up Your Thinking

  • Brainteasers and Puzzles

  • Mind Games and Exercises 

Mind Games

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